Sunday Sweets: STUMPS – Mt. Pleasant


Each week the Sunday Sweets team dive into our Sweet 16 and Feature Albums. 

Artist: STUMPS
Track: Mt. Pleasant

Words: Saskia Morrison-Thiagu

STUMPS latest release ‘Mt. Pleasant’ reflects a dark period in frontman Kyle Fisher’s life. The lyrics behind the track came to Fisher “during a particularly drunken, self-loathing night, where the idea of self-love seemed an unattainable paradise”. 


The track itself is delicate, however packs a powerful punch. Fisher’s deep and resounding voice is particularly poignant throughout the chorus. This is where the lyrics “So where am I?/ If not with you?/ I can’t recall the last time I last said I love you” feel inherently emotional, making it easy to see how they could have come from a troubling period. 


Elaborating on the song title, Fisher stated that ‘Mt. Pleasant’ refers to “the street on which Merrick, our bassist, grew up. The street is at the top of quite a daunting hill, and it served as a metaphor for the seemingly unreachable summit of self-love I was, and still am, striving for”. 


‘Mt. Pleasant’ comes with the release of their EP of the same name. ‘Mouth Static’, ‘Laugh About It’ and ‘Conversation, Conversation’ are prior releases, but all come together extremely well in this new EP.  


In comparison to the title track ‘Mt. Pleasant’, the rest of the EP has an early Wombat’s vibe, with its high energy and bouncing melodies. Particularly, ‘Conversation, Conversation’ which feels like it should be on the Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging soundtrack (if anyone remembers that movie?). 


What is remarkable about Fisher’s voice, and the band as a whole, is that they can shift their tone quite effortlessly. You can feel sad and heartbroken at one moment, and then ready to party the next. I haven’t had a rollercoaster of emotions like that, since I watched the Masterchef finale. 


STUMPS are really making a name for themselves on the national stage and rightly so, with an East Coast tour coming up in September- October of this year. If you haven’t listened to STUMPS yet, now is definitely the time to do so.