Sunday Sweets: STUMPS – Static Mouth


Each week the Sunday Sweets team dive into our Sweet 16 and Feature Albums. 

Artist: STUMPS
Static Mouth

Northern Sydney indie-rock trio STUMPS are back with “Static Mouth”, their first single for 2020. 

The band’s 2019 EP “Just Another Stay At Home Son” carried similar grungy vibes, while still keeping a head-bobbing beat. “Static Mouth”, however, has an unusually high energy in comparison to their previous releases. “Static Mouth” is the result of STUMPS taking a more electronic-based approach to their music. This was also  evident in their previous single, “Laugh About It”.

It is refreshing to see STUMPS create this approach. “Static Mouth” is guaranteed to give you a jam session wherever you go, sending you on a little boogie. The instrumentals are reminiscent of an 80s-90s rock track, almost resembling Two Door Cinema Club, while keeping traces of STUMPS’ indie-rock and brit-rock traditions intact. 

According to STUMPS’ lead vocalist and guitarist Kyle Fisher, “Static Mouth” is “the plea against love expressed through physical contribution”, or “the concept that material gifts can band-aid problems in relationships, typically deteriorating ones”.

“Static Mouth” marked the beginning of STUMPS’ 2020 journey, which hopefully means there will be more bangers to anticipate from the band.


Written by Gabriela Caeli Sumampow