Sunday Sweets: Sycco – Nicotine


Each week the Sunday Sweets team dive into our Sweet 16 and Feature Albums. 

Artist: Sycco

18-year-old Brisbane artist Sycco has released her first single of 2020 “Nicotine”, delivering us a heavy dose of good vibes and a glimpse into what she has in store for this year. The song is Sycco’s fourth single overall, following on from her 2019 singles ‘Tamed Grief’ and ‘Peacemaker’.


 Sycco is fulfilling her vision of not being tied down by a specific genre, dipping into the pop and indie influences to produce this lo-fi bop. This kind of versatility makes it the perfect accompaniment to any groovin’  playlists. The dominating bass intro invites listeners into Sycco’s feel-good verses, displaying the young artist’s individuality, such as her Kesha style spoken word and poetic lyrics. 


 The song’s composition caters to broad musical tastes, with a catchy chorus, soothing instruments and deliberate pauses leaving you wanting more. Listening to this song creates a sense of contentment, and a hint of nostalgia.  One play-through is simply not enough, making it a lively addition to any scenario. Whether it be a chill tune for the shower, a head-bobbing beat for a road trip or a groovy track for a party. 


In these current claustrophobic times of isolation and uncertainty, this song is a breeze to calm your senses, uplift your mood and put a spring in your step.


Written by Hannah Schauder