Sunday Sweets: Zoë Fox and the Rocket Clocks – Clockwerks

Zoe Fox

Each week the Sunday Sweets team dive into our Sweet 16 and Feature Albums. 

Artist: Zoë  Fox and the Rocket Clocks

Melbourne’s Zoë Fox and the Rocket Clocks debut ‘Clockwerks’, is a beautifully produced, sonic space odyssey. The Kratwerk alluding album title, quirky explorations of space and time through neo-psychedelic pop, dream pop and beyond, David Lynch styled, dreamlike intermissions; all present the band as formidable students of the strange and surreal.

Launching with ‘Perfume’ we are eased into the cosmic journey ahead with a slow, nocturnal, dream pop number. Before hurtling deeper into the record’s bright galaxy on ‘Spare me Time’. This begins as a funky indie pop track, then becomes struck by a kaleidoscope of sci-fi sounding synths, sending sounds and colours across the listeners mind. These types of sounds, as well as astronomically linked sound bites, are scattered throughout the album, establishing its spacey themes and atmosphere. As she continues throughout the record, Zoë curiously explores the concepts and fragility of time and space, and a feeling of disconnection from humanity. 

The album creates an all consuming and consistent atmosphere. Through quirky, retro cartoonish vignettes such as the aquatic metamorphosis of ‘Fins’. Playful, highly visual wordplay and delivery such as on ‘Microwave Madness’, and recurring surreal intermissions. Zoë transports you into the audience of a psychedelic theatrical showcase. She acts as the narrator of a trippy kids show from an alternate reality. ‘Clockwerks’ feels as if Glass Animals traded the sea for space in an interpretation of ‘Plastic Beach’ by Gorillaz. 

The album closes with ‘Tin Can Man’, a cloudy hypnagogic pop number featuring a stunning, hypnotic vocal melody and looped sample. Moments like this demonstrate an artistic maturity. 

A constant playful energy permeates through the sugary highs and introspective lows. Only slowing for the four intermittent ‘Earthling Interludes’. Upon completing the album’s journey it feels like awakening from a beautiful dream you wish you could jump back into…

Written by Matt Thorley