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Super Salty: Playlist (22.7.2015)


These are the sweet sounds that you heard last night, the 22nd July:

  1. The Sonics – The Witch
  2. The Grease Arrestor – Turn On
  3. The Deep River Collective – Forgotten Friends
  4. The Doors – The Crystal Ship
  5. Suishou No Fune – 水晶の舟 – The Rain Falls
  6. Pond – Midnight Mass (At the Market Street Payphone)
  7. The Baudelaires – Colour Mary
  8. Beaches – Weather
  9. Beaches – Granite Snake
  10. Beaches – Tanzanite
  11. Jefferson Airplane band – Somebody to Love
  12. Wimple Winch – Save My Soul
  13. Vanilla Fudge – You Keep Me Hanging On (Supremes Cover)

If you want to have a second listen, here’s the playlist just for you:…

*unfortunately not all songs were found on YouTube, so be sure to check the other bands out on their own websites.


July 28th 2015
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