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Super Salty: Playlist (30.9.2015)


These are the excellent tunes delivered to your ears on Wednesday 30th September:

  1. Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel – Mermaid Song
  2. The Asteroid #4 – Take Me Down
  3. The Beatles – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
  4. The Attack – Lady Orange Peel
  5. Taste Of Blues – A Touch of Sunshine
  6. The Myrrors – Warpainting
  7. Holy Wave – Sol Love
  8. The Floormen – The Place Where The Flat Things Are 
  9. The Walking Who – 10, 15
  10. The Walking Who – Lacy Flan
  11. The Walking Who – Hayzeus The Smuggler
  12. Jeffertitti’s Nile – Midnight Siren
  13. The UFO Club – Wolfman
  14. The Seeds – Nobody Spoil My Fun
  15. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – Fire

If you’d like to have a re-listen, just follow the to our YouTube channel and you’ll find the playlist in full:


October 27th 2015
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