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Swinburne on SYN – Marjorie Raimundo – Photo Manipulation in Fashion and Advertising Forum – 2 September


Editing is heavily used to accentuate a message within the image or perfect one’s face or figure in order to create attention from its audience. The use of editing software’s such as Photoshop can be very beneficial in selling an item, but it can also be seen as a lie to customers.  This also branches out to health issues and trusting brands to promise their outcome from the product be successful as the advertisement seems. “…Knowing that images are manipulated doesn’t defuse their effects…We know they’re photoshopped, but we still want to look like that”, quoted from Dr. Kim Bussell, founder of the Child Media Lab at the University of Alabama.  

Marjorie Raimundo discusses photo manipulation and it’s negative effect it has on consumers, impacting people’s personal body issues or disorders they’re battling. She is joined with photographer Zaniel Noriel and University Student exposed to body issues, Moriah Pascua to hear different opinions from two different perspectives. 

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