SYN 2016-18 Strategic Plan

Introducing the SYN Media 2016-18 Strategic Plan

The 2016-18 Strategic Plan is the result of months of hard work on the part of SYN’s board of management, staff, volunteers and members, and signals an exciting future for SYN.

Central to SYN’s success is our community’s drive to push boundaries and grow in new directions, and the delivery of the 2016-18 Strategic Plan will see SYN perfectly placed to go further, do more and continue supporting young people to make the media that is important to them.

SYN consistently shares the stories, opinions and lived experiences of one of the country’s most diverse groups and, over the next two years, we will ensure that volunteering at SYN is accessible to even more young Australians. We’ll be revolutionising our volunteer training for the online age and delivering a Reconciliation Action Plan to make sure all young Australians can make audio, video and online media, utilise reliable and effective technical infrastructure, and truly experience the SYN community.

After 13 years of huge success, SYN Media Learning is expanding to further build our financial independence and ensure a sustainable future for SYN.

Finally, in order to continue growing and pushing boundaries, we will be searching to secure a Melbourne headquarters encompassing our production, training and office spaces to make the House of SYN a place for all young people to learn, create and share media.

SYN constantly innovates, shifts and moves forward, and we are excited to launch this strategic plan to start creating the SYN of the future.

Sally Whyte,

Tess Lawley,
General Manager

Please download the 2016-18 Strategic Plan below or contact Tess via [email protected] for more information. SYN’s past strategic plans can be viewed here.