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Some ideas for programs aren’t suited to a Flagship program. They’re just too unique. Seasonal programs allow volunteers to create a show about almost anything. This give volunteers the opportunity to get really creative with their ideas and provides them with more autonomy to create a show that is uniquely theirs.

The Shortlist

The Shortlist

The Shortlist is here to break new acts. Your hosts Gloria and Ro will be showcasing up and coming artists – both local and […]
Our 20 Cents

Our 20 Cents

Two twenty year old girls discussing life and the trials and tribulations that go with it. Giving advice, talking about day to […]
Smack Talk Logo

Smack Talk

Smack Talk isn't just a show about music and sport... it a snapshot of youth culture from a trio of young Melbournians.

Round About Midnight

Playing the songs we love while talking about the things we love to hate. Ever listened to something that’s so awful? Watched […]


Discotopia gives you a full range of all things disco. From the history of the genre to looking at the genres that […]

The Thread

A music show with a dash of history. Exploring Genre’s, artists and movements in music in the hopes of learning something by […]

Life’s A Gas

Melbourne’s only music show dedicated to the work of Marc Bolan/T.Rex. Every Sunday at 2:00pm. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter Episode […]
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The First Bite

Sink your teeth into The First Bite, a delectable Sunday seasonal from 4-5pm on SYN 90.7FM, which is sure to tempt your […]
Matt & Myles


- TRIGGERED - Our weekly radio show where we let off some of the steam built up from the dumb things that happen in today's society. Tune in as we discuss the idiotic happenings of the week. From pet hates to political blunders, we cover all the enfuriating and cringeworthy moments that are stuffing your newsfeed! SYN 90.7fm Thursday 9am

Above the Octagon

Your mixed martial arts fix from every angle.

The Nudge

Join Julian and Ash as they investigate how young adults can better empower themselves. Tired of waiting for changes to happen for them, […]
Hammercat Attack

Hammercat Attack! – A disturbing, unsettling but often just downright silly anti-comedy radio show

Hammercat are a comedy collective of like-minded mind-havers dedicated to bringing you the hot comedy sketches, radio plays, segments, and interviews all […]
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Tune Zodiac

WEEK 2 EPISODE WEEK 3 EPISODE People get to be born into the zodiac so why can’t songs? A summer seasonal show […]
Gilmore Girls A Year in The Life Recaps

Gilmore Girls: The Revival Recap

Gilmore Girls: The Revival Recap is a Summer seasonal on SYN 90.7. Each week we present a review for each of the […]

Questionable Love Song Dedications

A music-comedy show debunking famous love songs that really shouldn't be dedicated to anybody due to their weird subtexts and sometimes obvious euphemisms
Genres Profile Pic


Genres, introducing one new genre weekly. Tune into Genres to hear different, unorthodox music introduced into your ear-holes weekly. Along with the […]
Lab Rats Show Logo

Lab Rats – The SYN Science Show

Lab Rats with Nicholas and Alayna is the seasonal show about SCIENCE on SYN Nation. We talk about news and recent discoveries in the science sector! We have interviews with real research scientists who do the work discovering things about the world! We explain scientific ideas, knowledge, and concepts without the technical jargon!
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Today’s the Day

Today’s the Day is a show that celebrates general knowledge, banter and beats! Each week we take you for a walk down memory lane, unpacking […]

TMG’s Obsc-Hour

This crazy show is about obscure music and some classics that some people may not have heard. Remixes, mashups, sometimes weird, sometimes […]