SYN Alumni


Youth is temporary, and so people move on from SYN. We have a large network of ex-volunteers who have left the building, but who remain in our hearts (awww).

The SYN alumni network meets semi regularly for committee meetings, fundraisers and generally hanging out. We keep in touch with our SYN alumni via a regular e-newsletter, so if you’re an ex-volunteer who’d like to receive these updates, drop us a line!

There are quite a few SYNners who’ve gone on to excellent jobs in many facets of the media, and in other professions too. It’s inspiring for us to hear stories about our alumni who are doing great things in their lives. Some are famous and others are quiet achievers, but all of them were great contributors to SYN during their time here.

Many of them show their ongoing love for SYN as financial supporters and as advocates for us out there in the world.