SYN Features Album Review: Didirri – “Measurements”


Didirri “Measurements” EP Review

Set for release July 6th via Unified.

Words by Sammy Perryman

Didirri_Measurements EP - artwork

Measurements is the debut EP by Melbourne singer-songwriter Didirri. Described by SYN alumni Bridget Hustwaite as “one of the most thoughtful, charismatic storytellers,” Didirri has been making absolute waves this year (and most of last year). He has toured across the globe, supporting the likes of Tash Sultana and The Temper Trap he is slated to play at this year’s huge (and sold out) Splendour in The Grass Festival and is also joining Vance Joy on his September arena tour.

There is just something about Didirri’s soulful folk/indie rock fusion and beautiful storytelling that results in such a powerful live performance, with legendary talent agent Tom Windish stating, “[Didirri] made an immediate impact on me in the way only music or art or magic or a shooting star can,” FYI he just signed Didirri to his agency. But does the magic of Didirri translate to the extended play format, or is his mesmerising talent only for the stage? Spoilers for the rest of the review: it does translate, this EP is amazing.

Measurements is six tracks long coming to a breezy 22 minutes. It features previous singles ‘Blind You,’ ‘Jude,’ ‘Formaldehyde,’ his new one ‘I Can’t Get Last Night Out of My Head’ and two exclusive tracks ‘Bird Sounds’ and ‘Worth the Wait.’ For the Didirri die-hards having the majority of the artist’s discography in one place (digitally or on wax) is a beautiful thing, some may feel short-changed that the majority of the tracks on the EP are previous singles, but these tracks work really well in the context of the EP, revealing different aspects of Didirri’s morality, with each story being stringed together to create the measuring tape that is Measurements.


The two exclusives to the EP are fantastic, they well and truly make the project worth a listen. ‘Bird Sounds’ is a really sorrowful, yet uplifting, track that not only features Didirri’s classic folk sounds but provides some really playful experimentation: the layering of his voice to harmonise, subtle trumpet, and a super interesting acoustic rhythm. The pace of the song is perfect, with all these aforementioned elements being introduced and removed naturally, adding to the theme of overcoming change and loss. ‘Worth the Wait’ is an absolutely amazing ballad, the magic of Didirri comes through so clearly in this song, there are so many clear inspirations, sounds and concepts that melt together to become something so eloquently new and Didirri; it’s my personal favourite from the EP.

All considered, Measurements is a brilliant debut for Didirri, showcasing his charm, focused folk and indie rock instrumentals and his storytelling talent. The EP is poetically sorrowful, but ultimately suggests there is more to those feelings, serving as the light at the end of a very sad tunnel.