SYN in Review – Week of July 27 2015




Online dating has gone through such a transformation in recent years that now dating someone who you’ve swiped right on is becoming the norm. So to is the culture that this new age of online dating is fostering. Lindsey and Anna give a real voice to what can at times be a culture that is disconnected from being authentically human by sharing not only their experiences but also the experiences of others in the finessed art of dating in the app age.

This particular episode ‘How not to be a s**t person in online dating’  breaks down the norms in interacting with those you are ‘matched’ with right down to what you send them and how you end things with people you aren’t interested in. With the landscape of online dating going through a radical change, Lindsey also tries out the new dating app ‘Happn’ and looks into the benefits and drawbacks of dating based on real world proximity. 

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This episode discusses sex and contains strong language.   


In many ways food dictates life, we base our schedules on it and now recognise the link food plays in improving our overall wellbeing, enjoying and having a passion for this necessity and being able to share this with her audience is a real skill of Anna’s. Her show is absolutely perfect for a Sunday afternoon right about the time that you start to think about what to have for dinner before you get ready for the week ahead. 

This week on The Hungry Traveller, Anna takes a look at the comfort foods of winter and what she enjoys the most from a wide range of cuisines that keep her warm in the middle of these vortex like months. #protip have a notepad next to you when you listen to her shows, before you know it she is leading you through a brainstorm of different meals that you could treat yourself to this week. 

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Esports is growing in Australia, albeit slowly due to our lovely internet speeds, and Player One guest’s Silicon Sports are seeking to foster that growth across Australia and New Zealand so that esports can become a recognised and independent sport. 

In this half hour interview San, Maddy and Michael chat with the team from Silicon Sports about the increasingly competitive esports arena and the issues that face not only the sport but also it’s adoption in Australia as a whole. 

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