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This week I had a look at one of our regional hub shows and two of our metropolitan based podcast shows. If there is a common thread to the included shows, it is that they all make you think in one way or another about different aspects of our culture from expressing ourselves creatively to how we care for those who are marginalized, I found myself learning or rethinking a preconceived belief with each of these shows. 

First up on the mind expanding journey! The Last Stand!

Xavier and Luca are from Bay FM in Byron Bay, which is a partner station of the National Youth Media Project that is based out of SYN. Recently they caught up with Thea Shields who has won the Susie Warrick Young Writers award as part of the Byron Bay writers festival. Still completing her HSC, Thea had some time to chat about the difference between studying literature in secondary schooling and having a passion for it. The bit that I found really exciting (mainly cause I’m a #auspol fanboy) was when Thea subtly compared the recent installation of the Silver Fox Turnbull to the demise of the Weimar Republic and gave her reasoning for her love of history. 


If your browser isn’t showing an audio player, you can listen here

Podcasts from The Last Stand are part of the SYN Nation Hub Podcast ‘The Snapshot’ which serves as a single point of contact for getting a snapshot of what Australia’s Young People are talking about. 

Okay! When you listen to this podcast, I’d recommend loading up Instagram as well and searching for @alexiswinter, its full of little Vegemite pins and includes pieces from Alexis’ Things My Friends Do project and is a good companion to the show. While talking about what sparked her love for art, the teacher-in-training also talks about the challenges of her young long self portraiture project, which appear to be more internal challenges then anything else, and the duty that comes with art. 


If your browser isn’t showing an audio player, you can listen here


Stealth Skillz is a SYN Podcast, you can find more here

Of all the shows included in this post, this one would have to be one that causes you to pause after listening to it. Great Minds Don’t Think Alike is a program focused on neurodiversity, which looks at various neurological differences such as (but not limited to) Dyspraxia, ADHD, Autism and Tourette Syndrome. In this episode, Julia and Cal look at another case of Cagegate/Boxgate which involves the use of sensory deprivation ‘boxes’ in Autism Spectrum care. The strength of this show is it’s ability to highlight and remind us that neurodiversity issues are human rights issues and that in industries such as Austism care there can be cases where a degree of empathy towards other human beings is lacking. 

If your browser isn’t showing an audio player, you can listen here

Great Minds Don’t Think Alike is a SYN Podcast, you can find more here


Right! That is all for this week’s post, if you have any questions please email me at [email protected] – Blakey


November 2nd 2015
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