SYN Leadership Team 2015


It is with great excitement that we can finally announce the Leadership Team for 2015! We know the people below will do a great job in helping shape the look and feel of all of our fantastic programs and departments in the coming year.

So, in no particular order:


Music Department

Music Manager: Melissa Fletcher-Young
Music Assistant: Gloria Brancatisano

Talks Department

Talks Manager: Dani Amaya
Arts Talks: Rendah Hag
Local Talks: Elizabeth Rosero
Sport Talks: Peter Tseros
1700 TV Talks: Maddy Kennedy

TV Team

TV Manager: Phoebe Nell-Williams
1700 EP: Aiden Parlby and Rhiannon Down
Arts After Dark EP: Dona Malaish
1700 Music Cooridnator: Claire Mooney

Online Department

Online Manager: David Chau
Online Content Editor: Chloe Watson
Reviews Coordinator: Leah Phillips

Events Department
Events Manager: Keira Crichton

Radio Department

FM Manager: Ken Lim
FM Assistant: Ash Qama
Digital Manager: Jess Pantou
Digital Assistant: San Hoang

Radio Executive Producers

Get Cereal EP: Nabila Petrucci
Get Cereal Assistant: Ben Quigley
Panorama EP: Rebecca Colquhoun
Panorama Assistant: Monica Ireland
Amplify EP: Josh Taylor
Amplify Assistant: Grace Cunningham
The Sports Desk EP: Digby Allen
Asian Pop Nation EP: Johan Lee
Hip Hop EP: Chris Palmer
Moshpit EP: Luke Bunworth
Rainbow Nation EP: Alex Whitehead
Raise The Platform EP: Amorette Garner-Williams
In Joke EP: Phoebe O’Brien
Art Smitten EP: Alice Walker
News EP: Elli Victoria
All The Best State Coordinator: Beth Atkinson-Quinton
The Hoist EP: Bridget Hurstwaite
The Hoist Assistant: Kelvin Ung
New and Approved EP: Ying Wang
Sunday Sweets EP: Steph Edwards
Represent EP: Rachael Ward
Represent Assistant: Claudia Long
Breaking Curfew EP: Natasha Khan
Player One EP: Justin Hays

We’ll be opening up another round of recruitment and are still looking to fill some roles, namely Events Manager, 1700 EP, 1700 Music Coordinator, Website Manager, Naughty Rude EP and The Hoist Assistant, so if you are interested, visit this link:

December 19th 2014
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