SYN Leadership Team 2022: Applications Open

2022 leadership team
It’s time to start recruiting for the 2022 SYN Youth Leadership Team Program!

What is the SYN Leadership Team?

  • The people who are responsible for everything that goes to broadcast at SYN
  • A professional development opportunity for your future career in the media industry
  • All are hardworking and incredibly talented volunteers
  • Your peers, mentors and friends!

Where are they now?

  • 2013: Objection (Amplify) – Tim Hammond (Politician) and James Blake (Triple M)
  • 2013:  Art Smitten – Alan Weedon (ABC Journalist)
  • 2013: News – Eddie Williams (2CC Producer)
  • 2013: TV Manager – Nat Tencic (triple j + Unearthed)
  • 2014: The Hoist – Claire Mooney (triple j Unearthed)
  • 2014: All The Best – Leona Hameed (RN Drive Producer)
  • 2015: Digital Manager – Jess Pantou (SCA Breakfast Announcer)
  • 2015: Music Assistant – Gloria Brancatisano (Beat, Ticketek)
  • 2017: Music Assistant – Zara Kravchenko (Triple R Presenter)
  • 2017: Panorama – Jordan Fennell (ABC Journalist)
  • 2018: Talks Manager – India Weaver (Good Manners Music)
  • 2020: The Sports Desk – Taylor Capannolo (3AW Producer)
  • 2020: Radio Manager – Imogen Hanrahan (triple j Unearthed)
Are you working towards a career in media? Want to strengthen your leadership skills? Interested in getting more involved in SYN? You should apply to join the Leadership Team!

Why should you apply to join the Leadership Team?

  • Professional and personal development
  • Have your say on what workshops SYN runs in 2022
  • Priority support from SYN staff for SYN related activities + CV help + job searching
  • Opportunity to do cool stuff that you’re really proud of with a team of SYNners supporting you
  • Work with a team of young people who will become your media industry peers!
We are particularly interested in getting new SYN Volunteers involved in the program. You must be under 26, a SYN member and have completed SYN Induction to be eligible to apply.
You are welcome to apply if you are not yet a SYN member and intend to complete Induction training at SYN in order to join the program. Sign up for Induction training here.


Scholarships are available to all young people who feel that their community is underrepresented in the Australian media, or find that there is a barrier to entry for them to participate. Learn more here, or email [email protected] to discuss further.

No experience is required to join the Leadership Team. You will be supported and mentored by your peers and SYN staff, have access to exclusive industry workshops and professional development opportunities, and learn on the fly to achieve your goals for the program.

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Roles on offer in 2022

These volunteer positions rotate annually, to make way for new young people and keep SYN sounding fresh. 
We’ve made a few changes to the roles on offer in the 2022 program. Manager roles are now called ‘Leads’ to reflect SYN’s broader organisational structure. There’s a few new Lead roles on offer, highlighted below.
Subject to special consideration, some programs might require additional EPs or Leads than first advertised, so apply for any and all the roles you’d like to be considered for!
You can view each role’s Position Description here.

Executive Producers

Multi-day programs
  • Get Cereal X 2
  • Sports Desk X 2
  • Panorama X 2 (Pano currently runs Thursdays only, with room to grow)
  • Amplify X 2
  • The Hoist X 2
  • Art Smitten X 2
  • 1700 X 2

Single-day programs

  • New and Approved
  • Asian Pop Nation
  • SYN Hip Hop
  • Moshpit
  • In Joke
  • Sunday Sweets
  • Raise The Platform
  • Player One
  • Represent
  • Loud & Queer
  • The Naughty Rude Show
  • Housemates

Department Leads

Programming Department (FKA Radio Managers)

  • Programming Lead
  • Seasonal Lead
  • Regional Lead

Online Department

  • Podcast Lead
  • Features Lead
  • Social Media Lead
  • Website Lead

Music and Talks Department

  • Music Lead x 3
  • 1700 Music Lead
  • Music Talks Lead
  • Specialist Talks Lead
  • 1700 Talks Lead

LT 2022 recruitment poster

What is expected from the team?

  • Working With Children Check – MUST HAVE BY FEB 2022
  • Commitment to the program for the whole year (unless you get your dream job)
  • Follow the SYN Rules and Values – it’s important you set a good example. You will be a SYN Leader, and many SYNners will look to you for guidance
  • Putting your best foot forward for SYN – you will be a representative of SYN to other organisations
    Enthusiasm, a desire to learn, make change and try new ideas
  • Open to constructive criticism
  • Working as a team with your fellow leaders
  • Open communication with SYN Staff throughout the year
  • SYN is a place where young people can learn – we won’t necessarily choose the best or most skilled person, but those who show the most promise and will get a lot out of the opportunity

Important dates

Broadcast dates

  • SUMMER SEASON 2021/22 Monday 20 December – Sunday 23 January (5 weeks)
  • SEASON 1: Monday 24 January – Sunday 10 April (11 weeks)
    • OPTIONAL BREAK WEEK Monday 11 April  – Sunday 17 April
  • SEASON 2 Monday 18 April – Sunday 3 July (11 weeks)
    • OPTIONAL BREAK WEEK Monday 4 July- Sunday 10 July
  • SEASON 3 Monday 11 July – Sunday 25 September (11 weeks)
    • OPTIONAL Monday 26 September – Sunday 2 October
  • SEASON 4 Monday 3 October – Sunday 11 December (10 weeks)
    • OPTIONAL Monday 12 December – Sunday 18 December

SYN Camp (13th-15th February 2022)

This is a professional development and social camp to kickstart the year with your peers. All SYN members are welcome, Leadership Team attendance is compulsory (unless discussed prior with SYN staff).

More dates will be added throughout the year, including team meetings and compulsory workshops. You will be notified in advance of these dates.


What if I am going overseas/interstate next year, should I apply for the Leadership Team?
You can still apply! If you’re going to be away for an extended period of time, we’ll need to discuss when you’re going, how long you’re going for and if someone can cover your role while you’re away.

What if I live interstate or in regional Victoria? Should I apply for the Leadership Team?

If you are keen to participate in the program remotely, we encourage you to apply and chat with us in your interview about how we can make this work for you. While we’ve had to adapt to remote broadcasting throughout 2020 and 2021, we’d encourage you to consider a role that can be undertaken entirely remotely (or shared with someone based in Melbourne) as SYN begins returning to our radio studios in 2022.

SYN staff will work through this with you in your interview!

If I have been on the Leadership Team before, can I apply again?
Yes! Anyone who is a SYN member can apply, but SYN is always looking for ways to support new volunteers which means you may not be chosen if you’ve had a role previously.

Will I automatically get into the program if I apply?
No. An application is just an application.

I only joined SYN recently. Can I apply?
YES! We’re especially interested in brand new SYNners applying.

I’m not qualified enough…
Not true. You will learn on the job (that’s the whole point!)

I don’t want to work in the media. Is this relevant to me?
Yes. While the program is designed with media-makers in mind, a lot of the skills you will pick up (leadership, communication, time management) will be transferable to industries outside of the media.

How much work do I need to put in each week?
It depends on the role, but around 4-10 hours per week is reasonable. Contact the person in the role now for more accurate advice.

Will there be any out of pocket costs for the program?
Yes. You will need to pay for SYN Camp ($90) and your membership ($5-$25). You are strongly encouraged to attend SYN Awards ($25).

How do I apply?

The application is a series of written questions via SurveyMonkey (or, you can send us a short video answering the questions – see instructions below). We don’t need to see your CV or portfolio.

You will be required to book yourself into an interview once you complete the survey (follow the prompts). We will interview everyone who applies!

If you’d rather send us a video application, please view the questions at the beginning of the survey and email us a link to a recorded video of your responses via a file-sharing service (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive). Please ensure videos are no longer than 5 minutes. Email your link to Alicia at [email protected].

Applications Open – until 28 November
Interviews Conducted – 24 November – 10 December
Position Confirmations – by 17 December

Applications close at 11:59pm on Sunday 5th December 2021.
You’ll find all the available roles Position Descriptions here. Please read these carefully before applying. We also recommend chatting with the person/s in the role you’re interested in to get an idea of the benefits and challenges of the role.
Questions? Email Alicia at [email protected].


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