SYN Media General Manager Evrİm Şen announces plans to step down from role

Evrim, bottom left, with pink hair and glasses. Wearing a black dress.

Image description: Evrim, bottom left, with pink hair and glasses. Wearing a black dress.

SYN Media’s General Manager, Evrim Şen, will be stepping down from the role and moving on from SYN in early 2023. They hope to pave the way and handover to the next generation of SYNners in our 20 years of broadcasting anniversary.

Evrim has been a part of SYN’s community for over six years and has served as the General Manager for nearly three of those years. Evrim has always brought a sense of enthusiasm and passion that has seen SYN flourish both publicly and behind the scenes.

Evrim shared, “It has been my deepest honour to lead SYN, thank you to everyone I’ve crossed paths with who has supported me, seen potential and lifted me up over the last six years. I walked through the doors August 2016 for an info session and never looked back. There truly is nowhere else like SYN, that gave me the opportunity to explore, do what I love, grow and flourish into being a leader.”

SYN President, Nic Zoumboulis, had the following to say, “The Board is extremely thankful to Evrim for their impressive work ethic and dedication to the role through an incredibly tumultuous period. Evrim led SYN through the pandemic, a massive achievement with the work and decisions still paying off today. Evrim has been a deeply ambitious and determined GM and leaves SYN a better place, and with an equally ambitious vision for the future. We congratulate Evrim on accomplishing so much as General Manager. Evrim will be sorely missed, and the Board wishes them well in all future endeavours.”

Applications for the role of General Manager are open now and will close on Friday 11 November 2022.


October 24th 2022
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