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Rise to the opportunities and strengthen SYN’s community.

Young people are resilient, adaptable and creative. We’ve always known this at SYN, but perhaps it’s never been in quite so clear focus for us than during this pandemic and the ability of our community to rise to its challenges.

In practice these challenges have looked like remote broadcasting from home with studio closure and remote community building, with our staff and volunteers finding ways to bring the special SYN vibes from afar. For our social enterprise arm, SYN Media Learning, it was transitioning to online training and offerings, a feat our staff managed to turn from concept to reality in just a few short months.

When embarking on our strategic planning process we wanted to reflect on the challenges we’d faced, and look to build on these as opportunities for SYN’s future over the next 12 months. For content, that means a remote broadcasting model that can survive beyond the pandemic, enabling a pathway to SYN not ever seen before. For SYN Media Learning that means continuing to polish our offerings online and in production services, ensuring we can provide training to young people remotely, beyond the easing of restrictions.

For now, nobody can access our studios, but what about those young people who weren’t at SYN even when they were open? In this plan we want to extend pathways to SYN and diversify the voices of our community.

In this plan we also wanted to take the opportunity to strengthen SYN as an organisation and build systems that can strengthen our foundations, such as a database so we can understand our community and stakeholders better.

During this pandemic, it’s been tempting to feel a sense of pause as time slows and days blend together. At SYN, an organisation run by and for young people, we’re not hitting pause on our goals for our community and we are looking forward to meeting the opportunities coming our way over the next 12 months.

Eleanor Doran  President

Evrim Şen – General Manager


October 5th 2020
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