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About SYN Nation The newest member of SYN’s diverse family, SYN Nation is a brand new digital station embracing the future by […]

About SYN Nation

The newest member of SYN’s diverse family, SYN Nation is a brand new digital station embracing the future by bringing young people together from across Australia through digital broadcasting.

SYN Nation is dedicated not only to having content that is relevant to all parts of the country, but also giving 12­ to 25 year olds from all around Australia the opportunity to have their programs broadcast to national audiences.

We’ve kicked off SYN Nation with young broadcasters in Byron Bay, Canberra, Hobart, Warrnambool and Gippsland – and there’ll be more where that came from. This is just the beginning!

Click here to find out more about our national project!

Listen live online from where ever you are, or if you’re in Melbourne, tune in on your digital radio receiver (haven’t got one? Find out where you can get one here).

Launching SYN Nation

As with many exciting and new things at SYN, we try and come up with quirky ways of promoting them. In the case of SYN Nation, we revived the ‘We’re Coming’ campaign (from our FM launch) and re-labeled it ‘We’re Coming. Again.’ We even had condoms involved – oh the innuendo!

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