Some ideas for programs aren’t suited to a Flagship program. They’re just too unique. Seasonal programs allow volunteers to create a show about almost anything. This give volunteers the opportunity to get really creative with their ideas and provides them with more autonomy to create a show that is uniquely theirs.

The Dating Pool

Take a deep dive into The Dating Pool, as host Lisa Robinson takes you on a weekly journey through the trials and […]

That’s What She Said

Do you love the guilty pleasure of celebrity gossip and shade? Let Lily and Phoebe take you on a journey of female […]
Mind Games Logo

Mind Games

The human brain can process information multiple times faster than the blink of an eye. Unless… It’s 7PM on Sunday Night when […]

OST – Original Sound Track

OST dives deep on a definitive collection (or at least, our favourite) film, TV and game sound tracks. Join your hosts Erin and […]

Youth Connect

Cat and Will bring you the latest in local and national youth content, examining key issues, talking smack, and delivering the tunes. A Latrobe Valley exclusive space for us yoof to learn and enjoy radio.
The Mixed Bag logo

Mixed Bag

We play the best new stuff from across the musical spectrum, as well as a few old ones for good measure.
can you dig it logo

Can You Dig It?

A show for anyone who loves hip hop, r&b, soul and jazz fusion. Episdoe 1:

But Where Are You REALLY From?

Hello! We’re Adam, Felicity and Sheera and we are the hosts of But Where Are You REALLY From? This is a light […]

The Hot Tag – Podcast

Lace up your boots. It’s time for the Hot Tag, your weekly round-up of all things pro wrestling. We’re your hosts Erin […]

No Scrubs

Scrub (adj.) A guy who thinks he’s fly, also known as a buster. Join Louella, Kelly and Toni each week as they […]