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Coming up in the next fifteen minutes:The labor leadership speculation continues, with Chris Bowen not to contestInvestigations underway after a man fatally stabbed in Western SydneyRussian Winter Olympics president say anti-gay laws won’t affect next year’s gamesAnd Serena Williams wins the US Open Good afternoon I’m ALEX DARLING. And I’m ELLIJAHNA VICTORIA. Welcome to SYN News at 4.   ALEX: In our top story today, over 10,000 students around Australia will step into their teachers shoes over the next 5 days as part of Kids Teaching Kids week. The annual event sees students discuss environmental issues such as climate change, energy, waste, pollution and conservation.  Student ambassador Amy Park says young people should be encouraged to participate in protecting the environment and taking meaningful action. “It’s my belief that optimism is crucial for promoting resilience and general well-being in young people, and part of Kids Teaching kids Week is to promote this optimism and to encourage students to come up with creative ways of addressing local environmental issues, and support meaningful participation within the community or school.” According to event creator Arron Wood, Kids Teaching Kids week is about inspiring Australia’s future leaders to put environmental issues first, and getting them to think more often about how the environment affects their lives. “We hear voters put the economy number 1, but without a healthy environment we don’t have agriculture, we don’t have the billions of dollars of Great Barrier Reef Tourism and we certainly don’t have our clean and Green export image. Part of Kids teaching Kids week is to inspire future environmental leaders and open their eyes to possible future green careers.”ELLIJAHNA: Prime Minister elect Tony Abbott has insisted the smaller parties should respect his government’s mandate to deliver change in Australia.  On Radio 2UE this morning Mr Abbott warned minor parties he expects them to work with his government to implement their mandate, given it is now understood these micro-parties are likely to hold the balance of power in the Senate.   Mr Abbott’s remarks follow Saturday’s federal election in which the Coalition won a clear majority in the House of Representatives, but not in the Senate. Instead, a record 7 minor party candidates are set to gain seats in the upper house when it resumes on the first of july next year, and this mixed bag means the new government will face constant challenges implementing their election promises such as scrapping the Carbon and Mining Taxes and implementing the Paid parental leave scheme. Legislation to repeal the carbon tax got underway today, with incoming climate change minister GREG HUNT saying the bill will be put to the parliament within its first week back.  But MR HUNT says it will be up to the labor opposition whether they will support the government’s mandate.  “We want to set out now, to do what we said we would do, and the only people that stand between Australian and lower electricity prices are the labor party” Meanwhile, former Labor treasurer CHRIS BOWEN says he won’t run for leadership of the labor party, but says he will be happy to take up any other position, including shadow treasurer.  And if you’re not happy about the change in government, you probably won’t be impressed to know the likely Victorian senator from the Australian Enthusiast Motoring Party, RICKY MUIR, has been caught on film taking part in what appears to be a backyard kangaroo faeces fight. The video, titled “Family Fight in Australia” was made private just a little bit too late after the election on Saturday night as journalists were quick to comment on his behaviour. “It’s not a crime, but it’s certainly not the kind of video we would expect a prospective senator to have left on their website right through an election campaign.”ELLIJAHNA: A man has been arrested over the fatal stabbing of a 40 year old brick-layer at a building site in Western Sydney. Police were called to the site at Bode Place in Saint Clair after reports of a dispute at about 7:20 this morning.  Officers say they found a man with multiple stab wounds when they arrived at the scene. The man died shortly after, despite efforts to revive him.ALEX: Fourteen passengers have been injured after a plane skidded off the runway after attempting to land in Bangkok.  THAI AIRWAYS released a statement confirming the nose wheel of the aircraft malfunctioned, causing  passengers to be evacuated through emergency slides.  About three hundred people were on board.ELLIJAHNA: Back home now, and a police Task force in Queensland has seized one thousand child exploitation images after searching a Gold Coast residency yesterday. Investigators also charged a man with using the internet to access and make child pornography. The ABC reports it is the third arrest over child pornography charges in as many days in Queensland. On Friday police searched a property at Mount Warren after receiving information from the FBI, then on Saturday searched a home at Stapylton, finding “child exploitation material” at each address. The three men arrested are in their 20’s and 30’s, and are expected to face the charges in a local Magistrates court later this month.ALEX: In a landmark Australian development, tweeting will be permitted in the South Australian Supreme Court.  The announcement means journalists will be able to immediately announce verdicts and sentences online.  But they will be required to wait fifteen minutes to report any evidence, in case any suppression orders need to be made. ELLIJAHNA: US President Barack Obama and his team have failed to win over Congress to authorize a limited military strike on the Syrian regime. As syrian president Bashar Al Assad denied his regime carried out chemical weapons attacks against civilians last month, a clearly frustrated US Secretary of State John Kerry continued to make the case for the strike. “It’s clear that if we don’t take action, the message we send to Hezbollah, Iran, Assad, will be that nobody cares that you broke this hundred year old standard, and nobody cares that you’re using weapons that have been banned by 189 nations.” Congress is not the only American body yet to be convinced of the need for military strikes: Today it emerged the American public generally did not support any US military action anywhere in the world after years of war in the Middle East.ALEX: Spectators at the Winter Olympics in Russia next February will not be affected by anti-gay marriage laws. Sochi Games president Dmitry CHERNYSHENKO confirmed to members of the International Olympics Games Committee that the legislation, signed by Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN in June, does not contradict the Olympic Charter which bans any form of discrimination. CHERNYSHENKO said “there should be no fears over the freedom of all people coming to Sochi for what is the first Winter Games to be held in Russia”.ELLIJAHNA: Nine people are dead and two more injured after a minibus collided with a train in Romania.  Local police say the driver of the bus ignored the signal from the oncoming train while crossing at a barrier free intersection.  A three year old child was among those killed while a fourteen year old boy was taken to hospital in a critical condition.  It comes after fourteen people were killed in a similar accident in the same region in 2009.  And a blast outside a school in southern China this morning has killed one person and injured several others. Initial reports say the incident was an accident, and eyewitness believe the cause to be a motorised flatbed tricycle which caught alight as it was passing the school and then exploded, setting other vehicles on fire and blowing out the windows in nearby buildings.ALEX: A report has revealed Internet site YAHOO is handing over private user information to Australian government agents.  Yahoo’s transparency report reveals Australian government agents made requests for information on almost eight hundred Yahoo users in the first six months of this year.  News Limited reports Yahoo granted full access in eleven of those requests, handing over emails, uploaded files and calendar entries.  In over three hundred of the requests, the US company gave access to information such as IP addresses, user login details and billing information.  Yahoo says it only complies with legal requests from government agencies with adequate jurisdiction to do so. ELLIJAHNA: Nearly 400 people have offered to buy a rare Pokemon trading card with a buy-it-now price of one hundred thousand dollars on ebay. The Pikachu Illustrator card is one of six made especially as a reward for those who won the Pokemon Card Game Illustrator Contest. The card had previously sold for 20 thousand dollars.ALEX: And in lighter news, a man in Kuwait lured a stray young adult lion into the back of his car before calling the police for help. According to local police sources, the man sat inside the car with the lion, which filled the entire back seat, until it became dangerous and he had to call the police to take the lion away. The Lion had been wandering the upmarket Bayan district in Kuwait prior to his backseat captivity, and police believe the beast was illegally reared as a pet, given lions are considered status symbols of wealth in Kuwait. And now here’s SAM CUCCHIARA with the days sport. _______________________________________________Thanks ALEX World number 1 Serena Williams has claimed the Women’s US Open title for the fifth time in New York yesterday, beating Belrus’ Victoria Azarenka in three sets. Williams looked in trouble when Azarenka took the first set seven, five, but the world number one ground out a comeback to take the second set in a tiebreaker, before cruising to victory winning the deciding set six, one. The win is william’s second grand slam title for the year, the 17th of her career, and the one which sees her pass Australia’s Margaret Court as the oldest winner of the open at 31 years of age.  The mens final will be contested later tonight by Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, the third time the world number 1 and 2 have met in the final in the last 4 slams.–The AFL world is still in shock after upset defeats in 3 of the four matches in the first week of the finals series. The last of these came yesterday when Carlton came from 32 points behind to knock Richmond out of the finals and set up a semi final clash with Sydney next week. Carlton Captain Marc Murphy said his team had gained “enormous belief and respect” from the win, and along with swingman Lachie Henderson believed the Blues had no fear of Sydney.  He says the Blues could roll the reigning premiers just as they had Richmond and Port Adelaide over the past 2 weeks. It was a different story across town, with Richmond unceremoniously dumped from the finals series they waited 12 year to play. But defender Reece Conca, who bears the added disappointment of injuring his hamstring early in the piece, says the loss can only benefit the club long term. Meanwhile Fremantle is not without its troubles after securing their first home preliminary final against Geelong on Saturday, with full back Zac Dawson is set to face the Match Review panel on 3 separate charges. Leading goalkicker Chris Mayne also under scrutiny for allegedly punching Geelong’s Steve Johnson in the stomach. Fremantle will also monitor an ankle injury to runner Nick Suban. And in NRL, Gold Coast Titans players have dominated the Kangaroos World Cup train-on squad. Former league bad boys Albert Kelly and Nate Myles were among 7 Titans players chosen in the 18 man squad, picked entirely from teams that didn’t make the finals this year.  Players who made the squad can also be selected to play in the Prime Minister’s thirteen that will play PNG in Koko-po on the last Sunday of this month. And now back to ELLIJAHNA with the weatherThanks for that Sam. It’s been a cloudy day for Melbourne, reaching a top of TWENTY TWO degrees just after THREE pm. Tomorrow will be partly cloudy with isolated showers developing throughout the day and a top of SEVENTEEN degrees. Right now it’s TWENTY degrees.ALEX: And for those of you taking public transport, replacement buses will operate between Cheltenham and Carrum stations due to a freight train derailment at Mordialloc. Major delays are anticipated through this evening’s peak, with no indication when normal services are set to resume. City bound services are not affected. Now to recap our top stories this afternoon:Environment top of the agenda as Kids teaching kids week kicks offUS Congress fails to back a strike on SyriaYahoo allegedly sharing user’s private details with Australian government agentsAnd Carlton’s self belief soars after a stirring win over Richmond That’s all for our bulletin this afternoon. When we’re off air, you can keep up with the news by following us on twitter at News SYN. Panorama’s coming up at 4.30 and we’ll be back with an update at 5pm.

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