SYN Policies and Procedures

Below is a full list of SYN Policies and Procedures for reference by SYN volunteers.


If you have any questions about these please contact staff via [email protected] with your query.


Want to run a giveaway on your show but not sure how to do it?

SYN Giveaways Procedure


Want to start your own TV show on SYN? Read this!

SYN Accreditation Procedure


If you want to represent SYN at any kind of event (ie. music festival, comedy show or sports event), then you need to follow this procedure.

SYN TV Proposal kit


Know someone interested in sponsoring your program?

Volunteers Seeking Sponsorship Policy and Procedure


For the full SYN Policies and Produres document including our ethics, staffing, membership and discrimation policy (plus more)

SYN Policies and Procedures


Want to make sure that the social media you use for your program is SYN compliant? Read SYN’s Web and Social Media Guidelines.

Web and Social Media Guidelines


Want to organise interviews for your radio show? Make sure you read the guide on how to organise interviews here.

SYN Interview Guide