Syn Radio and the watermelon fridge

12:30 and i’m half an hour early for work experience so early that not many people had come back or even had lunch.
After relaxing for half an hour Evie and Ashira showed up and we we were ready to start doing admin but of a different sort, normally admin was typing memberships into the data base but, today we were given five big orange posters with post-it notes on them from the Syn Radio camp.
Our job was to type up these posters into a word document that would be easily presentable for grants. I was given(i took) online which was one of the smaller posters and didn’t take long to type up. Once i had finished it i came back to grab another one when Evie pointed out the three most stupid post-it notes on all of the posters. One of them suggested that Syn put in a ball pit for relaxation another said that a good idea would be under water podcasting for better ratings.
The last said that Syn should have a dedicated watermelon fridge so people who like watermelon have a quick and reliable source of watermelon. I personaly believe that Syn should look into this this and get that watermelon fridge!!!
After sorting out the posters we observed ‘Schools on Air’ Swinburn, they were extremely good. They talked about all sorts of things from the Darwin Awards to funny and ridiculous stunts such as; Hanging off the Sydney Harbour bridge seeing who can hold on the longest, then realising that you are to weak and drunk to pull yourselves up and having to call for help and explaining what you were doing.
lastly we finally entered memberships into the data base but, today was a good day for entering memeberships because we managed to finish entering them into the data base. BUT i’m sure there will be more tommorrow.
P.S. Whoever wrote down that idea of the watermelon fridge is a genius and shoud be given some sort of reward for their fantastic,genius stupendous idea. 

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