SYN REVIEWS: The Jungle Giants LIVE


Words by Blake Furfaro

Feature Photo by Tiana Koutsis The Jungle Giants

Coming off the back of their biggest year yet and most successful album to date – ‘Quiet Ferocity’, Brisbane rockers  The Jungle Giants brought us their Used To Be In Love tour. I attended at The Croxton Park Hotel for what was a memorable show for all. 

Kicking off the night to a keen early crowd was local act Evan Klar. The five piece setup was a little different from your standard band involving guitar, bass and keyboards, but featuring two on the drums. Evan provided the early crowd goers to some nice indie-rock beats, from their debut record Deepest Creatures that was well received by those who were filing in for the rest of the night’s events.

The crowd size seemed to have increased dramatically when Melbourne’s own Alice Ivy graced the stage and made it her own. She had us dancing around for the entire 40 minutes set, sending out some feel good electronic soul beats. To the almost full house, Alice Ivy played songs from her debut album I’m Dreaming and a few songs from the singles released over the last two years.

After Toto’s ‘Africa’ warmed up our vocal chords, The Jungle Giants hit the very full Croxton Bandroom to a screaming crowd ready for a boogie. The stage was set with three LED cubes very reminiscent to Quiet Ferocity’s album cover, which added an engaging visual aspect to the stage. They opened up strong with their 2017 hit ‘On Your Way Down’, which had the fans shouting “But we don’t care, won’t be leaving here, just let it pull you away, and baby on your way down way down”. The singing and dancing continued when they reprised their 2012 breakthrough  ‘She’s A Riot’.

Keeping with the good vibes – they played hit-after-hit from across their three albums –  ‘I Am What You Want Me To Be’, ‘Quiet Ferocity’, ‘Every kind of Way’ just to name a few. Lead vocalist Sam Hales was truly showing his charismatic presence on stage encouraging the punters to clap, keep our hands in air, and jump around and dance. Hales made time to jump up on the amps and have a dance up there. Mid-set Hales and lead guitarist Cesira Aitken left the stage to give bassist Andrew Dooris and drummer Keelan Bijker to do their own thing treating us to about a 5 minute drum and bass solo, before the rest came back to perform ‘Bad Dream’. Finishing off with ‘Used To Be In Love’.

We all waited around pleading for an encore. The band clearly listened to shouting and treated us to two more songs – ‘People Always Say’, and closing out an incredible set with ‘Feel The Way I Do’, which had the crowd dancing, singing and wishing they could have played even longer. They left very appreciative of the turnout for a Wednesday night.

As we started to file out, very sweaty after the night’s events, everyone seemed to be happy with what they saw – with some punters yelling “I know you feel the way I do!” after they had gone. The Jungle Giants well and truly showed why they really are now ‘giants’ of the Australian music industry.




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