SYN Reviews: Lucerne Cr – The Toff in Town, 15th March 2018


Lucerne Cr live at The Toff in Town, Thursday 15th March
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Words by Ben Madden

Located in the heart of the city, the Toff is one of the most beautiful venues in Melbourne. Therefore, it was only fitting that it was set to host a lineup of upcoming Melbourne bands, topped off by headliners Lucerne Cr. playing a set celebrating band member Al’s birthday. Opener Kitschen Boy set the tone for the night perfectly with their surf cum garage rock and will certainly pop up more and more. They were a pleasant surprise, and testament to the quality of Melbourne’s music scene. Increasingly, bands are sounding polished from the get go, which means people are always getting bang for their buck. This was also evident with Majak Door, who would have to be close to the best-named band going around (named after the North Melbourne ruckman). All three bands had a similar sound, which made for a seamless transition between acts. Nevertheless, all three bands were different enough to keep the audience entertained.

Even before headliner Lucerne Cr. hit the stage, the crowd lifted another level, with a rush to the front of the stage on. Having only played one show previously, you would have been forgiven for thinking this couldn’t possibly be true, with the band reminiscent of early Ball Park Music. This comparison was only compounded by their cover of She Only Loves Me When I’m There. There’s clear links between the acts in terms of inspiration, with a clear highlight of their set being the harmonies between bandmates. It’ll be exciting to see where they go next, because they’ve already got their stage show relatively nailed. Don’t be surprised if you hear this name more and more, because they’re a band that are more skilled then their short gig history would indicate.

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