SYN REVIEWS: ‘Mirror Freak’ and ‘Escalator’ – Good Morning

Prize // Reward to be released on Friday 11th May via Bedroom Suck / Remote Control Records.

By Anita Agathangelou

Good Morning have released two new singles ahead of their upcoming debut full-length album, Prize // Reward.’ Once again, the Melbourne best friends Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons have captured their lo-fi bedroom-pop sound that for a pleasant listen.  After the success of their 2014 seven-track release Shawcross, and their 2016 sophomore release Glory,’ the duo return with their first full-length album expressing growth, confidence and experimentation. Both singles ‘Mirror Freak,’ and ‘Escalator,’ show that Good Morning’s music is still reminiscent of their previous lo-fi charm but have taken on a more polished, refined sound.

‘Mirror Freak,’ has elements of garage rock, sounding akin to Twin Peaks and Parquet Courts. The track begins minimally and carries on to a fuller sound, with the addition of melodic bass, punchy drums and eager vocals. The chorus repeats -“…mirror freak what did you say, mirror freak what happened to your head…” seemingly speaking of self-pity and reflection. The track follows into a jazz sax solo, performed by Blair’s dad. ‘Mirror Freak’ is the vibrant, dreamy guitar pop that is perfect for walking your dog on a Sunday morning.

‘Escalator’ takes a slightly different approach with a quieter, dampened sound. The lyrics describe a panic-attack in a shopping centre: “…my feet got caught in the escalator, skin got ripped off my body, my bones got shredded to nothing…” Despite the intense nature of the lyrics, ‘Escalator,’ creates a mood that is dreamy and sedative, with components of both pop and soul. Its off-kilter instrumentation and warm vocals make this track particularly alluring.
Prize // Reward is due to be released 11th May with Bedroom Suck / Remote Control Records.