SYN Virtual Tour

This is SYN. When you exit the House of SYN, turn left and walk along Cardigan St.

At the corner of Cardigan St and Victoria St, turn right, and cross the road at the lights.

Walk alongside Dracula’s and all the way down Victoria St, until you get to the lights.

Turn left at the corner of Victoria St and Swanston St, and cross the road. You should be walking parallel to the trams, and towards the Baths.


 Continue along Swanston St until you reach Franklin St.

Cross the road.

Continue along Swanston St.

See this cool fountain? Look at the abstract green shape to the right of it. Walk towards this.

Here’s what it looks like up close.

 When you reach the corner of Swanston St and Latrobe St, turn right to face Hungry Jacks. Cross here.

Turn left and cross the road again.

Continue along to Melbourne Central.


To get to the SYN studios from Melbourne Central, exit MC and turn left.
Continue until you reach the lights.

Turn right to face the State Library and cross here.

Once you’ve crossed, turn left to face RMIT, and cross here.

Head down until you see this sign.

From here, there are a couple of ways to get down to the studios.
Turn right at the sign.

Enter the glass doors.

Head towards the steps.

Continue until you’ve ascended the stairs.

Turn left.

Turn right at the ramp, and go up the ramp.

Exit through any of the doors.

Turn left and follow the path down.

At the end of the path, turn left.


At the Building 8 sign, don’t turn right. Instead, continue on down Swanston St.


At the corner, turn right.

Head up Franklin St.

At Bowen St, turn right.


Head up the path and turn right at the steps.

Continue up the steps and down the laneway.


The SYN studio doors should be to your left.

Enter the code or press the button to enter.







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