SYN- work experience Day 1

Yesterday was my first day of work experience at SYN!!!  Michelle and I met Belle who was extremely welcoming; she showed us around and gave us a quick tour of the house of SYN and the studios. She also spoke to us about media and broadcasting laws and we discussed what can and can’t be said on radio. our next task was actually quite fun, there were two massive boxes of CDs and we were allowed to take which ever ones we wanted and the rest were either going to be given away or thrown out which was kind of sad cause there were so many CD’s!!!
After our break, we met Kristina and we went to a staff meeting and observed what took place in a SYN meeting.  For most of the meeting I had no idea what they were talking about, but it was interesting to see all the work that is done behind the scenes, and how much organising there is, to make everything possible at SYN. We later signed up for our work experience blogs and then wrapped CDs.
For the last hour of the first day of work experience we went over to the studios, where we listened and observed Objection, which was exciting. Michelle and I actually got the chance to speak on radio which was really cool, we mainly talked about haikus though, and just rated the ones that Tim read out. He later started discussing the movie Pulp fiction and I had no idea what that was, I actually thought they were talking about the clothing brand but then I realised that was pulp kitchen…yeah that was a bit awkward:O But sitting in on a live radio program was really interesting and I thought it was a good experience:)

December 11th 2012
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