SYN Work Experience Reflection


Day 1: The day started off with an introduction to SYN as well as a tour of the House of SYN. I met many staff members and volunteers and everybody was really nice. After the tour, I went on toexplore the SYN website to further familiarise myself with the organisation. I listened to various podcasts and I really like how there are a diverse range of shows. Then I went on to digitise some documents. These documents were “Sads, Mads and Glads” about various aspects of SYN. Although it was sometimes a challenge reading some of the handwriting, I enjoyed doing this because it really allowed me to gain an insight into SYN and what was happening within the organisation. I then went over to the studio to see Panorama and Amplify go live on air. This was definitely the highlight of the day. It was so amazing to see the action that happens ‘behind the scenes’ and I learnt so much about how radio runs as smoothly as it does.

Day 2: On the second day, I started off by doing a more hands-on activity and this was CD wrapping. The hard part of this was definitely the sorting of the CDs and ripping off stickers. The wrapping part was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed being able stamp the SYN logo however I wanted on a completed package. After CD wrapping, I continued digitizing the “Sads, Mads and Glads”. Then it was time for the 4 o’clock staff meeting. This was definitely a massive highlight. It was so interesting to actually see what staff meetings are all about. It made me really happy to see all the support and problem solving that happened among the staff members. My day ended with another trip to the studio to see Amplify go on air, and this was just as enjoyable as it was the first day.

Day 3: The first thing that I did on my last day of work experience was some data entry which is something I believe has to be done in most office environments. Although it was quite time-consuming, it was quite relaxing to be able to just sit down and type things. Afterwards, I got to get some fresh air by going on a post office run. And now I am here writing up my reflection! Overall, doing work experience at SYN was so awesome. I’m so happy that I had such a great opportunity to learn so much about working in radio and media. I have learnt heaps of things that I would never have learnt by sitting in a classroom at school. The whole experience has been so eye opening for me. I was definitely quite nervous on my first day not knowing what to expect but everybody has been very kind so after just a couple of days, I feel like I have really settled into the SYN community.

I’m sure I will come back soon to join SYN as a volunteer!


Amy Peng

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