SYNapproved September Feature Artist – MY MUSICAL COLLECTIVE

SYN is proud  to announce that My Musical Collective are the SYNapproved Feature Artist for the month of September.
Having recently released their single ‘Laurence of Arabia’ at a stellar show at The Toff In Town, the Melbourne 8 piece are currently gearing up to release their debut L.P.  Promising a distinctive sound, simultaneously bold and ambitious with a certain air of understated confidence, the debut was recorded with enigmatic producer Kal Tonuma, (Crowded House, Split Enz, The Temper Trap). The band are not afraid of unleashing unexpected orchestral crescendos, swinging out the odd waltz or playing driving indie-pop. Currently My Musical Collective sit in the shadows, patiently sharpening their swords in quiet anticipation of the promising year that lies ahead.

My Musical Collective will be performing a special SYNapproved showcase:
Thursday, 30th September 2010 – The Workers Club w/ guests Seagull and Khancoban