Module 3: Creating & Presenting Content

Creating and presenting content is the core of what SYN does.

It’s true. As you just learned in ‘Module 2: What is SYN?’, we’re an organisation of young people making cool content. And now you’re part of it.

SYN’s ‘Innovation’ value really comes into play for this module. You’ll be led by one of our trainers in a session where you learn how to come up with talk-worthy content, how to prepare those ideas for radio, and then actually present and record it in a team of 3-4 people.

This is one of the only Induction modules that you can’t complete on your own in your own time. Why? Because it’s all about teamwork!


Note: if you miss this session, you’ll need to attend another in order to be allowed on-air at SYN.


  1. Download and install Zoom on your computer
  2. Use the link in your email calendar invite to join the session
  3. Open this Google Drive link to access resources for the class.
  4. Have fun!



Next module: Module 4 – Off-Air Content

Questions? Email Laura via [email protected]