Module 1: Media Law Training

Broadcasting is an amazing privilege and opportunity for anyone involved!

But keep in mind: 

as a broadcaster, you have the power to influence our society and community.

It’s this power that ethically and legally requires us to act responsibly when broadcasting. At SYN, this extends to all media platforms including: radio, podcasts, TV, online, web publishing, and social media.

Understanding media law will help you be a responsible broadcaster, avoid getting into trouble for breaking laws and rules, and show that SYN is a smart, conscientious organisation with amazing volunteers!


  1. Enter full-screen mode on the Slides below
    fullscreen mode
  2. Use your MOUSE not your ARROW KEYS to click through the Slides
  3. When asked questions, click a response to be given the answer.
  4. Don’t cheat – it’ll be obvious on-air if you don’t know your stuff!

Good luck!

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