Educational Programs Trainers & Producers

We’ve completed shortlisting applications for those interested in beginning working at the start of 2019. You are still free to apply however we will not be reviewing applications again until later in 2019 when more work becomes available. Thank you for your interest!

syn media learning

SYN’s workshops and educational programs allow schools and community groups to learn media skills across radio and digital media, to then produce their own original content at SYN. The Educational Programs Trainers & Producers, work within the SYN Media Learning team and are responsible for conducting SYN’s various educational radio programs. Our casual staff work directly with students and community groups, introducing them to SYN and teaching them how to create radio as part of our various structured programs. If we find you to be highly engaged and skilled, you may be considered for larger scale tailored projects or running training in regional areas.

The amount of work fluctuates throughout the year, and it is important to note that this role is casual in nature, well suited to SYN volunteers who don’t work full time. Applications are open to those with some availability to work from 10am-3pm Monday to Friday.

Please download and read the full position description at the bottom of this page before applying.

We review applications monthly so expect to hear from a member of the SYN staff within 4 weeks after submitting your application. Take care when answering these questions and make sure you read everything carefully. You are also required to submit your resume at the end of the form.

It is highly recommended that you sit in on a radio workshop, prior to submitting your job application – so you have a clear understanding of the role and what it entails – email [email protected].

Any questions? Please contact Anita at [email protected] or Evrim at [email protected]

****There are some great resources in SYN’s job blog that provides tips on applying for jobs and responding comprehensively to key selection criteria. We highly encourage you to read these if you haven’t already, which can be found here and here *****

FAQ: What is the difference between ‘SYN Media’ and ‘SYN Media Learning’?
SYN Media is a non-for-profit media organisation, run by young people, for young people. Our goal as a charity is to provide accessible broadcasting and hands on media training opportunities to young people. We are an independent, self funded non-for-profit organisation that works with volunteers to help make it all happen. SYN Media Learning is our social enterprise. This means all of our educational programs we run with schools and community groups directly financially support our operations as a non-for-profit charity, and keep the doors open for our 500 volunteers to create content in programs across our various platforms.

To apply please follow this link to the online application form.