10 Years

We Trended!

As Melbourne looked back and smiled at some of the best bits of SYN over the past 10 Years, it’s people took […]

Doppelgangers on The Wind Up

The Wind Up Host Andrew McDonald had a weird moment when he relised that he had a doppelganger in the 16 Year Old Social […]

The Wind Up Team

The Wind Up Team with Ben Lewis, Conor Ayres, Vaya Pashos joined by Panel Ops Belle Jackson & Josh Taylor  Segments included […]

Tyla’s 21st on Idol Threat

Today on Idol Threat, it was Tyla Bertolli’s 21st Birthday – Cake was brought into the Studio by her mum, Happy Birthday was […]

Ewan’s most memorable Segment

On Toasted today, Ewan Giles explained how he was always at a loss for segment ideas.  On one morning ,as he was […]

Team Toasted

So prepared the team was in studio half-an-hour before their show, dedication considering that Toasted was the first show off the rank…taking […]