SYN AWARDS 2016: Blog #3 TV & Film Inspired Costume Ideas

The 90s was a crockpot of pop culture, with sitcom actors and pop stars reigning the charts and our young hearts. This […]



Real life gaming champion Edward Wong joins us in studio to talk all things toys and games from the 90’s.


90s Nostalgia 16/2/16

Dan, Josh and Ewa reminise about their childhoods growing up in the 90s (and 00s, in Josh’s case). 

Rewind PLAYLIST Tuesday 12th of May, 2015

1999 SPECIAL!  PARTY LIKE ITS 1999 to these tracks  



Tuesday nights 7PM on SYN Nation (Digital) or streaming online. Beck and Chiara play you the best songs from the 90s and early […]


Playlist: Week 4 23/2/15 (Acid House/Techno)

          1. 303 Power- Chris Liberator and Geezer 2. a2- Crystal Distortion 3. Blizzard (Hardfloor Mix)- Djuma Soundsystem […]

Primary School Disco – Obsessions Edition

Beck and Chiara wrap up the Yowie vs Kinder Surprise debate. Who won? You’ll have to listen to find out! They also […]