Art Smitten – Art Indoors: A Fortnightly Round-up

During the COVID-19 isolation period, Melbourne has had to learn to adapt to new regulations and restrictions to ensure the welfare and […]


LIMBO & The Secret Garden at Melbourne Festival

Christian tells co-host Daisy about circus/cabaret LIMBO and dreamlike exhibition The Secret Garden at Melbourne Festival. LIMBO is now showing in Melbourne’s […]


Nathalie Djuberg & Hans Berg: The Secret Garden

Christian chats to Swedish artists Nathalie Djuberg (claymation) and Hans Berg (composer) about their collaborative mystical wonderland The Secret Garden, now showing […]


Interview: ACCA Education Manager Helen Berkemeier – ‘Menagerie’

ACCA’s summer exhibition ‘Menagerie’ highlights the many ways humans have, through time and art, used animals as a metaphorical means of understanding […]