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ALBUM REVIEW: Skomes – Luhv Loops

A beat album, Luhv Loops. Made from the well-known and well-established beatmaker/producer, Skomes. Most known for the making of smooth, polished, effortless, […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Tigermoth – Monkey Kingz Instrumentals

Monkey Kingz Instrumentals is anĀ album is full of great instruments, ranging from electronic beats, hip-hop, and fusion beats. An alliance and teamwork […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Bonnaz – low light

low light from Bonnaz will make you feel a mixture of different emotions throughout the series of beats on this tape, from […]

Big Smoke Band Photo

ALBUM REVIEW: Big Smoke – Time is Golden

Big Smoke isn’t trying to sound like anyone else, nor are they trying to write songs for the sake of the pop charts.


Jame Blake ‘The Colour In Anything’ Album Review With James Schofield From The Interns

James Schofield is an Australia music journalist who writes for music blogs Pilerats and The Interns. He is also a massive fan […]


Swinburne on SYN Nation – Kickback with the Quirks – 17 September 2014

Cat, Emily, Elly and Claudia discuss all things quirky and awkward in “What’s in Emily’s Hat?”, give you the rundown of what’s […]


Swinburne on SYN Nation – Kickback with the Quirks

Eloise (with the help of Emily) gives us an insight to 48:13 by Kasabian.