Amateur Episode 13: THE FINALE!! w/Blake Everett

Jason and Per have officially earned their stripes at SYN, and presented their send-off show with comedian (and fellow SYNner) Blake Everett. […]


Amateur Hour Episode 12: Pluto, FIFA, Rage, Birthdays, Per was Late

Our show starts at 5PM. Per arrived to the studio at 4:59. Hear his reasoning. Also it was his BIRTHDAY (Wooo), check […]


Amateur Hour Episode 11: DK vs Mario, Music on the bus and Rock Bands night

Per’s Rant returns on “Pet Hates” where he sat next to a chap listening to max volume metal music… with no headphones, […]


Amateur Hour Episode 9: Interview w/ Quarter Life

Per brought the cavalry this week as he brought in his friends that happen to be in a band called Quarter-Life. Two […]


Amateur Hour Episode 8: Interview with Andy Lee!!

On Amateur Hour’s behalf, Per had secured a over-the-phone interview with the Andy in Hamish and Andy… Andy Lee. Hear the plenty […]


Amateur Hour Episode 7: Exams, Journeymen and more

Its two days before Jason sits his Yr 11 Exams. What is in an exam for the two??? Also, Jase and Per […]


Amateur Hour Episode 6: What is in A Revolution?

Jase and Per continue to think like the teen of the people. And their minds to begin to wander and disscus rebellion!!! […]


Amateur Hour Episode 5: HALFWAY THERE!!

Jason and Per are 5 weeks into earning their stripes at SYN. Listen for a great game of Home Truths vs Little […]


Amateur Hour Episode 4: Jason’s Punishment, Carlton song, Unforgiven 2 and swimming with 8 year olds

Carlton beat Essendon last Sunday, so Jason had to sing the Carlton song for the listeners. Also hear Per’ss take on Year […]


Amateur Hour Episode 3: Per’s Rant. P-Plates, Massive Predictions

Well… Episode 2 failed to record, but HEY! Episode 3 is here!!! Hear Per rant about public restrooms. How we should conduct […]