Arts Interview


Interview with Steven Camdon 23.6.15

Aimee, Maria and Producer Alex interviewed Polarbear (Steven Camdon) about his upcoming spoken word shows: Talk it up and Mouth Open Story […]


IV: Melbourne International Animation Festival

With over 450 films as well as presentations, conferences, meet and greets, and career advice, if you like, love or live for […]


IV: Oslo Davis

Illustrator extrordinare Oslo Davis chatted to Ti, Anita and Scott about the National Writers Conference, the Emerging Writers Festival and his Tassie-born […]


HRAFF Festival Director – Ella McNeill Interview (24/05/2015)

The Human Rights Arts and Film Festival (HRAFF) has just finished up in Melbourne but is about to hit the road and […]


IV: From The Fire

Melbourne’s centre for art and mental health, The Dax Centre, has brought together hundreds of artworks made by survivors of the devestating […]


IV: Festival of Steve

Esteemed tailor Carl Nave dropped by Get Cereal to tell Kathy, Don and Scott all about the Festival of Steve: a one […]


Luminous Flux

This morning, Scott, Ti and Anita were fortunate enough to chat to the artistic director of Tasdance, Annie Greig, ahead of the […]


Richard Wolstencroft from MUFF

Alex and Maria were lucky enough to chat to the founder and director of Melbourne’s Underground Film Festival, now entering its 16th […]


Interview: TBC Theatre Company “Shadows of Angels”

Fleur and Kathryn from TBC Theatre Company came in to speak about their production “Shadows of Angels”, which will be showing at […]


Interview: You’ve Got That Thing 10/9/14

Mia, Nick & Jess have got that thing. What’s that thing you ask? That thing is an interview with Brodie and Mitch […]