Website Tips – Uploading Content and Adding Posts

In the April Content Lab, we looked at adding posts to the SYN website and how to make posts great post. If […]


Invisible Cities: Brigid’s Story

Artist and human ecologist Asha Bee Abraham‘s Invisible Cities is a storytelling app matching real stories in the place they happened, all […]


Eddie Tamir – Jewish International Film Festival

SON OF SAUL to openĀ 2015 JEWISH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Son of Saul the critically lauded and multi-award winning Hungarian drama, from writer/director […]

Episode 24: Auteurisms – The Good, the Bad, and the Box Office –

LAST SHOW. LISTEN. (Scott and Til talk films by directors whose works have previously appeared on the show) This episode first aired […]

Episode 23: NZ Comedy – The Good, the Bad and the Box Office – 28/9/2014

This week Scott and Til talk comedies (HORROR comedies) from New Zealand. The good: Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste. The bad: Black Sheep. […]

Episode 19: Real Life Con Men – The Good, the Bad, and the Box Office – 7/9/2014

This week Scott and Til talk films about real con men. The good film is the classic 2001 flick Catch Me If […]

Episode 17: Australian Apocalypse – The Good, The Bad, and the Box Office – 17/8/2014

This episode Scott & Til talk Australian Apocalypse films. The good: Mad Max. The bad: Turkey Shoot. The recent: These Final Hours. […]

Episode 20: Australian Adaptation – 14/09/2014

This week Scott is joined by RMIT’s favourite script editor and lecturer, Dr. Stephen Gaunson! They talk Chopper, Jindabyne and Predestination. This […]


Episode 18: Women in Action – 24/8/2014 – The Good, the Bad, and the Box Office

This week Scott and Til are joined by the honorable and intelligent Lucy Adams to talk about female protagonists in action movies. […]