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Radio Training Gift Vouchers

SYN Radio Training is the perfect gift for anyone 12-25 with an interest in media, making new friends and getting a chance […]


Episode VI: “Do people learn from repeating the same mistakes and can they change?”

If your friend is always unreliable can they turn the tables and become reliable?  What about a friend that has gone down […]


Episode V: “Is online dating now considered normal?” & “The expectations of a first date”

In this special double feature: Is online dating now considered normal?  Has the arrival of Tinder changed the status of online dating […]


Episode IV: “How do you deal with that “one” person in your group?”

So you have this mate that lies through his teeth, do you call them out on the lies they say?  And when […]


Episode III: “How do you go about telling someone off?”

So your boss yells at you for something you didn’t do, do you yell back?  If you are the boss, is it […]

Awkward Stage Under 18s Training

The Awkward Stage is a fun hands-on training course made just for under-18’s that happens live on the air every weekend.  Learn […]