To Kiss or to Handshake?

Ellen, Dan & Bre discuss the common confusion when it comes to greeting friends, colleagues and everyone in between!


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Swinburne on SYN Nation – Kickback with the Quirks – 17 September 2014

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Episode II: “Is it normal to do certain things on your own and fly solo?”

So you’re dying to see a movie, but your friends don’t want to go to see it. Do you still go to […]


Episode I: “How to act at a friend’s house”

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Awkward Stage 11am -12am Season 2 playlists

Week 1: A White Whale in my Quiet Dream Chihiro Onitsuka Complainte De La Butte Rufus Wainwright Hybrid¬†Elsiane Summer Wine F.M. Einheit […]