A series of album covers, arranged in a 3x4 grid formation, corresponding with the playlist of this episode

04: Growing Up and Growing Apart

I’ve had to do a lot of growing up this week, but what happens when artists outgrow the groups they cut their […]


Ep #10 – Sam’s Top 10 American Bands

On this weeks show Sam count’s down his Top 10 American Bands. Rockology airs every Saturday from 5pm AEST. Don’t miss a […]



Hosted by Sam Menhennet. A show about everything Rock. Each week with a different decade, style or element of Rock. Sam count’s down […]


Fandom Support Group – Bandoms pt 1 PLAYLIST

Hear the tunes that we got down to this week!

Fandom Support Group – Bandoms pt 1

Fandom Support Group is here! Join Genevieve and Tara as they discuss the likes of Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, […]

Get Cereal 14/1/14 Band and Sports Mech

Mimi, Scott and Leah ask the question: Is it OK to wear mechandice from a Band or Sporting team that you know […]