Bethany Atkinson-Quinton


Beth AQ: PBS Radio Festival

PBS Interviews Coordinator Bethany Atkinson-Quinton joins Tuesday hosts Alice and Bridget in the studio to discuss her love of community radio, why […]


Voiceworks Editor Liz Flux Interview (24/05/2015)

Voiceworks Editor, Elizabeth Flux joined Beth and Osman on the line to chat about the launch of the 100th issue of Voiceworks […]


HRAFF Festival Director – Ella McNeill Interview (24/05/2015)

The Human Rights Arts and Film Festival (HRAFF) has just finished up in Melbourne but is about to hit the road and […]


Audio Review: Since the Death of Sarah Kane at La Mama (15/04/15)

Trigger warning: This review contains content about violence and suicide If you are affected by this content, know you can always call […]


Lech Mackiewicz Interview (7/05/15)

TW: This interview discusses themes of misogyny, domestic violence and sexual abuse. Director of Between Heaven and Her, Lech Mackiewicz chatted to […]

Jim Lawrie Interview (30/04/15)

Jim Lawire came into SYN and chatted to Beth about about his experience being a Katy Purrer, the transition from being a solo artist into having […]


James Gilligan Interview (05/03/15)

James Gilligan came into SYN and chatted to Beth about what you measure success in when you complete a project dedicated to someone, what it […]


Ella Thompson Interview (12/03/15)

Ella Thompson chatted to Beth about what it’s like to go solo, her latest single Arcade, her admiration for Jason Galea’s reinterpretation of […]

Kaleidoscope‏ Interview (12/03/15)

Sweeny from Wollongong trio Kaleidoscope‏ chatted to Beth about their latest single Junior, their Indonesian tour and what draws people to lo-fi audio […]


Interview: A Will For The Woods Co-Director and Producer Amy Browne

Amy Browne, co-director and producer of feature documentary ‘A Will For The Woods’ came into SYN to chat to Bethany Atkinson-Quinton. The […]