The Yellow Family S01E03 – ‘Hurricane Neddy’

The boys read out messages from their self-proclaimed ‘fandom’ in new segment, All the Write Ins. Special guest Phoebe brings ‘Hurricane Neddy’ to the table […]


Amateur Hour Episode 12: Pluto, FIFA, Rage, Birthdays, Per was Late

Our show starts at 5PM. Per arrived to the studio at 4:59. Hear his reasoning. Also it was his BIRTHDAY (Wooo), check […]


Friday, April 8th

Sam and Bianca are joined by special guest Dylan from Fitzroy Crossing to discuss many things from Kanye West to what to […]


Technical Difficulties Podcast Episode 2 27/07/14

In this episode: – The whitest man alive raps about cheese – Birthday Surprises  – Grant updates a musical for the youth […]

Tyla’s 21st on Idol Threat

Today on Idol Threat, it was Tyla Bertolli’s 21st Birthday – Cake was brought into the Studio by her mum, Happy Birthday was […]