Black Metal


The Old Black: 12. Progressive, Avant-Garde and Post-Black Metal

This week we discuss the ongoing experimentation in Black Metal and the controversey they generate.


The Old Black: 10. Blackened Folk and Viking Metal

This week we discuss the influence of Folk and ideas of Vikings on Black Metal, and the diversity of cultural influence.


The Old Black: 8. Blackened Death Metal

This week we discuss Blackened Death Metal and why it is so hard to find a band playing in the style.


The Old Black: 7. Symphonic Black Metal

This week we discussSymphonic Black Metal and the hostility that has been garnered from traditional Black Metal fans.


The Old Black: 5. Changing Styles

This week we discuss the pioneering bands, both First and Second Wave, who changed stylistically, some abandoning the genre all together.


The Old Black: 4. The Second Wave Outside Norway

This week we discuss the Second Wave outside of Norway and how it led to a lack of diversity within the scene.


The Old Black: 3. The Second Wave in Norway

This week we discuss the controversial scene in Norway in the early 90’s and how it revolutionised the face of Black Metal.


The Old Black: 2. Between Waves

This week we discuss the bands who came of age before the Second Wave in Norway and the particular brands of Black […]


The Old Black: 1. The First Wave

On this weeks show we discuss the origins of Black Metal, some of the pioneering bands and how the facination with the […]


The Old Black

The Old Black is the story of Black Metal, one of the most mysterious and controversial musical genres in history. From simple […]