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Input Playlist – 31/10/21 – Big Business/Capitalism

Big Business / Capitalism Songs all about splashing cash and fighting the system   A sure fire thing to put all your chips […]


Careful – Power Can Inflate Narcissism!

When power is given to those who want it most, it can significantly inflate narcissism, according to new University of Melbourne research. The […]

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Business Talks

Nurul Driver talks to potential and current business owners about their experiences on starting up their business ventures and tips on how to get started in the business world. Snag some handy tips on starting up your own business venture here now


The Sports Epilogue: £89 Million for Paul Pogba Makes Perfect Sense

The best football clubs take daring risks but even with a huge price tag – Paul Pogba is a certainty to execute.

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Full Show | Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

The ins and outs of making money – from saving effectively to starting a successful business


Monday: Tidal

It’s the latest phenomenon that will revolutionise the music industry as we know it – according to Jay-Z anyway. The rap mogul has just […]


Water water all around

How much do you hate paying for water? What if it you could get it for free? Hwi So and his friends […]