Gamble Breaux and Susie McLean at Red Ball, Credit: Fiona Hamilton

Stars attend the Red Ball to fund cancer research

By Jayden Forster SHANE Jacobson is confident doctors will soon find a cure for cancer. The actor and comedian stepped out in […]


The Hot Tag Ep 8 “Celebrity Superpowers”

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Entertainment Update – 16/12/2015

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Entertainment Update 4/11/2015

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The War On Terrier Explained

Easily the most intellegent coverage you will hear about the Johnny Depp dog saga, and it contains zombies.    Samples sourced from: […]


Monday: The Scent of Celebrity

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Monday: ‘Touched’ by a Celebrity

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SwinONSYN- Brooke and Steve talk about celebrity’s odd hobbies!

Brooke and Steve in the studio chatting about celebrity weird hobbies… male actors playing with barbie dolls!?


Monday: Celebs – Who Would You Hang Out With?

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