The Kitchen's 4th Annual Pool Party - Live Now on SYN Nation

The Kitchen’s 4th Annual Pool Party

It’s summer, so naturally the team from The Kitchen put on a pool party!

Great Minds Don’t Think Alike 12/12

Cal and Christian slog through some of the year’s last stories of abuse of autistic children, critique Carly Findlay’s recent article about the International […]


Brace Yourself – Christmas is only a month away!

The Wednesday Get Cereal team shares and discusses the joy of Christmas.


Primary School Disco – Christmas Edition

From us here at Primary School Disco, we wish you all a very merry Christmas and the happiest of new years! The […]


Monday: Hosting Christmas!

Steph, Ash, and Iz, from Monday Get Cereal decided to get one up on their supermarket rivals, and start getting ready for […]

Are children’s toys driving gender stereotypes?

“It’s disappointing to walk into a toy shop and be confronted with a wall of pink or a wall of blue. We […]

Festive fashion crosses the line

A major fashion retailer has sparked outrage across Australia for selling shirts printed with the slogan, ‘Jingle My Bells’. An online petition […]