classic film

Interview: Gary Hillberg

Andrew, Gill and Hamish chat to Gary Hillberg, one of the two artists behind the video art exhibition, Montages: The Full Cut, […]


DC-Rated show 13/11

Daniel and Christian review the 1950 Disney version of Treasure Island and discuss what exactly makes a film “dated”.

DC-Rated show 31/10

Daniel and Christian compare E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and The Iron Giant and review The Fisher King

DC-Rated show 24/10

Christian and Daniel review the intelligent blockbuster Inception, the underrated DreamWorks animation The Prince of Egypt and the 94-year-old German expressionist silent […]

DC-Rated show 10/10

For the first ever episode of DC-Rated, Daniel and Christian review the crowd favourite Back to the Future, the lesser-known Babe: Pig […]