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August 23 podcast: Wayne Swan, Hedley Thomas, all the things!

This is an absolutely huge episode of Represent! Tune in to hear Dylan Leach interview former treasurer Wayne Swan and Jess Lukjanow […]


Podcast July 12: Clive Palmer, Recognise and Indonesia

Clive Palmer came in like a wrecking ball, it was NAIDOC Week and Indonesia voted for a new president. All this and […]


LEACH ON SOCIETY Podcast Episode 9 Friday 27-6-2014

What’s the Leach on Society podcast difference? Take an editorial from Dylan followed by a chat about what’s happening at the FIFA […]


June 28: #palmgore, drones and balance of power

What’s a #palmgore? What’s the balnce of power in the Senate? And what happens with Australians who get killed by drones overseas? […]